Dear Thangka admirers, friends of Tibet and of Dharma

For more than 45 years now, we have been involved with Thangkas and have long been enthusiastic collectors of these unique scroll paintings, as well. Close connections with Nepalese masters of this exquisite sacred art of the Himalayas have existed since the early 1970’s.

Through many national and international exhibitions, we have gained recognition in Germany (numerous venues), Switzerland (Zurich), Italy (Florence), The Netherlands (Hardenberg) and the USA (Walton, New York).

Particularly since the Chinese occupation of Tibet, the painting of traditional Thangkas has suffered a dramatic set-back and we regard it as a central element of our endeavors to help this ancient art to continue to flourish in Nepal and thus, to also contribute toward upholding one of the most significant pillars of Tibetan and Nepalese culture.

Thangka motifs are the pictorial objective of one's own striving, the realization of the deity from within one's own self. So please enjoy with us this unique, aesthetic and fantastic religious art from the "roof top of the world".

Yours, Snow-Lion

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